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Hi everyone, I am offering a range of online webinars, recordings, video lectures and other elearning options through moodle: direct access through: https://osteobitesize.com/moodle/

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You can also visit my posts page for details of all the different full length online courses through the moodle site – which are each made up of many different individual videos of lectures and concepts, and often accompanied by many interesting articles to download, and other links to explore. So, for example my paediatrics series is 15 sections long, and each section has lots of lectures (pre-recorded videos each between approx 1 and 4 hours long).  Click on the course details in the post, and get a link straight to the moodle course, where you can complete the purchase, and get access.

You can buy the FULL set of videos in each lecture series, by going to the moodle site directly or through the links on the posts, and then you pay through there to access directly.  You will be asked to make a login there if you don’t have one already.

Each course descriptor on the posts page will contain a link to the moodle course to purchase, to access the full series you have chosen.  If you want to buy individual lectures, there are available as mini courses on the caroline-stone.com site, below, where the in person F2F practical courses in 3D osteopathy are found. 

Looking for your membership subscription? Email caroline on osteobitesize @ gmail.com

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and many more!

If you wish to learn about me, my blog and my in person lectures:

please visit caroline stone osteopathic courses – your home for online and in-person programmes and osteopathy information (caroline-stone.com)

If you want qualifications visit my College:

the CNMO – College of Non Musculoskeletal Osteopathy – cnmo.co.uk





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