CATEGORY: Primitive and Retained Reflexes

Extended two hour version of the Introduction to primitive reflexes, concepts and paradigms webinar

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Course Overview
This TWO hour talk gives an introduction to the concepts of primitive reflexes – and gives insights into what function they play – it is an extended version of the one hour talk, so there will be overlap, but this longer version allows things to be delivered in more detail. 
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About this webinar

There are endless examples of exercises to ‘remedy’ so called ‘retained’ primitive reflexes. But, are these reflexes really just movement based? How can certain muscle movements cause fear to recede, or breathing to change, or focus at school to improve? What is really going on? This talk gives you some more information ‘behind the scenes’ of the usual primitive reflex rehabilitation story.

It is a companion webinar to another in my Neurodevelopmental Series – “Rhythm and Oscillations in Osteopathy – Neurodevelopment and Infant Feeding” in which can now be purchased as a recording on my website: