CATEGORY: WOMEN'S HEALTH including mother and baby, and pelvic health short courses

Journeying with women

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This is a fabulous, extensive CPD series, with many hours of lectures and resources.  It is part of the various ‘CPD’ components of the qualification in osteopathy and women’s health.   

There are several courses into the topic of ‘women’s health’ you can take with Osteobitesize, and this one, Journeying, is designed to go through from puberty and the transition from being a girl to a woman, through ones female world and lifespan, and through many health challenges and also menopause and beyond.  It doesn’t specifically include obstetrics and post partum, which is covered in a separate course, and doesn’t include a description of internal techniques, which are covered elsewhere, but still gives much insight into how women function, the problems they can face and

This particular course does not cover the complexities of gender informed practice, nor does it include discussion of trans, gay, gender fluid, and issues of concern to those who do not identify as ‘woman’.  My intention is to cover those important dynamics in a new forthcoming programme. 

This particular course IS for all though, including women, and is about women.