CATEGORY: Fluids, Circulation, Lymph, CVS, Respiration and breathing dysfunction

Life of Breath

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Course Overview

The Life of Breath lecture series

20 hours of lectures, spread across lots of mini modules, all discussing aspects of respiration, breathlessness, rib dynamics, thoracic cage movements, the mediastinum, dual innervation of the diaphragm, the psoas-crurae divide, the abdomen, interoception, pelvic breathing and the pelvic floor, the upper mediastinum, gaseous exchange, ventilation, perfusion, sleep, apnoea, nasal cycle, upper airways, dynamics for voice, inspiration, breathing and the brain, cerebral ad CSF flow, and more.

What is breathlessness?  What can osteopaths do – what may we be able to offer people?

This lecture series covers a wide range of clinical relevant, evidence based, and clearly discussed pointers to enhance practice, whatever your level of ‘respiratory’ expertise

Inspired by the ‘Life of Breath’ project and over 30 years of osteopathic practice!