Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Detailed and critically appraised consideration of osteopathic approaches  and evidence in complex and chronic pelvic pain.  10 sessions to explore how manual approaches are relevant across a range of problems such as endometriosis, bladder dyssynergia, pelvic prolapse, adhesions, inflammatory problems, scars, post partum injuries, post surgical and more.  Understand pain perception, trauma dynamics, social and emotional considerations and more.

Live streaming lecture and tutorial series (is recorded also) in complex and chronic pelvic pain.

This option is for 10 sessions, of 2 hours, delivered fortnightly every two to three weeks on Wednesday evenings, 7pm-9pm UK time.  Starts January, and ends in July, just prior to the practical dates (if you take that option). The live streamed taught programme over 10 sessions costs £375, or discount till 24 December, 2021: £315
Modules Indicative content
1)     19 JAN 2022 Complexity in cavity dynamics, motor planning, abdominopelvic pressures, fluids and effects on physiology and inflammation
2)     2 FEB 22 Developmental dynamics, consequences of endocrine and autonomic dysregulation of overtime – relevance for pelvic pain
3)     2 MARCH 22 Social engagement, the poly vagal systems, pelvic parasympathetics and plexi, disentangling emotions, sexual interactions and tissue states
4)     16 MARCH 22 Pain perceptions, pain and illness behaviours, trauma dynamics, reducing vigilance and improving agency
5)     30 MARCH 22 Considering organ movements in micturition and defaecation, integration of the pelvic floor and how problems arise. Bladder and bowel considerations
6)     4 MAY 22 Endometriosis, pathologies gynae system, surgeries, consequences
7)     18 MAY 22 Inter-organ dynamics, postsurgical, adhesions, management of the peritoneum, viscero-somatic reflexes
8)     22 JUNE 22 Pelvic floor and coccydynia problems, high tone and dyssynergia problems, and complex childbirth related problems
9)     29 JUNE 22 Organ support and prolapse management
10)  13 JULY 22 Consenting, communication, risk management, limitations to care, health and hygiene, practice management considerations