CATEGORY: WOMEN'S HEALTH including mother and baby, and pelvic health short courses

Mother and Baby Full Course

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This new course combines the ever popular paediatrics series with the obstetrics and post partum course.  Its not quite 2 whole separate courses put together, but it contains all the obs and post partum, and around half of the paeds series. Accordingly the price is adjusted reflects the extensive content but still cheaper than buying the 2 programmes separately. This is a huge resource for all things mum and bub, and looks at a whole range of osteopathic approaches and concepts for the care of mum through pregnancy, pain, movement and posture, general pregnancy ailments and problems, preparation for labour and delivery, post partum care, recovery from tissue injury and  returning to function, breastfeeding and settling into the new family role and dynamics..  For both it covers the materno-foetal interaction and which is so important – showing how their journey together through pregnancy, birth and beyond sets the scene for some many ‘presentations’. For the babies it covers infant birth trauma, infant pain, unsettledness, autonomics, arousal, moulding, intraosseous strain, movement dynamics, neurosensory integration, feeding, ears, breathing, digestion, development, motor coordination, growth, red flags, risk assessment, examination and treatment considerations and loads more.  Long term access to online resources.