CATEGORY: WOMEN'S HEALTH including mother and baby, and pelvic health short courses

Obstetrics and Post Partum

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This is a great course that covers osteopathic approaches and concepts for helping pregnant women on their journey, and through the peri-and post-partum periods. It includes breastfeeding and bonding dynamics, and has a huge focus throughout on materno-foetal interaction and the implications this has for optimal foetal positioning, maternal pain and posture, infant behaviors and development, post partum recovery mental health, breastfeeding and more. It covers the biomechanics of pregnancy, other dynamics of pregnancy, reviews the ‘ligament theory of foetal positioning’ and gives enhanced, evidence based fuller visions of the osteopathic approach. Many other factors, such as physiological conditions in pregnancy, risk in pregnancy care and what can and can’t be achieved with osteopathy are also discussed, plus lots on the pelvis and pelvic floor, body cavities, rehabilitation, and more. Great all round resource. Examination and assessment protocols are discussed, and some technique videos included.

It is part of the ‘CPD’ component of the qualification in osteopathy and women’s health – which also includes the women’s health / journeying series above.