Osteopathy and infant feeding - a one day course ( a recording of a live presentation) £175 - still time to join us live - on 11 June 2023!

This course is being broadcast live on Monday 11th June, 2023 – at local time in Jerusalem (9am to 5pm). If you register and email us for the live link this can be sent, otherwise, use this to

Please note that when recording an in-person live practical lecture sometime the audio quality or range of visual image may change, but all effort is made to ensure close ups, and microphones are as good as possible on the day.

Course content:

  • A review of the aetiology and clinical presentations of infant feeding disorders.
  • A consideration of the somatic interaction with infant feeding mechanisms
  • Discussion of ahtonimic, neursensory, and motor, reflex dynamics in infant feeding
  • A review of the literature relevant to osteopathy and infant feeding
  • Screening tools and outcomes measures used in infant feeding
  • Practical approaches to assessment, evaluation and treatment approaches from an osteopathic perspective
  • Discussion of the interface between different health providers and osteopaths

Text only powerpoint slide handouts are available

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Course Curriculum