Migrated courses

Migrated version – pre 2020 – Primitive Reflexes, neurodevelopment, autonomic integration, cognitive, communicative and neurobehavioral considerations

This course builds on the content within the paeds series but now goes much further  It integrates many aspects and gives clear direction for a wide variety of issues, for testing, evaluating, integrating care pathways, for appreciating the lived experiences of people and how to apply osteopathic care perspectives from many angles – including vagal […]

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Migrated version – pre 2020 -All things, bones, cranium and rest of skeleton

All things bones! Cranial dynamics from a non involuntary perspective. Periosteal innervation, physiology, mechanical loading reactions and stress. Developmental and ossification perspectives. Bone growth, bone and the autonomics and hormones. Dural stress, myofascial and functional interactions. Paediatric versus adult.  Orthopaedic strain and fractures. Cranial innervation Fluids – CSF, glymphatics and arterio-venous considerations. 

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