Paediatrics, including breastfeeding and primitive reflexes and neurodevelopment

Introduction to primitive reflexes webinar recording – one hour

This one hour talk gives an introduction to the concepts of primitive reflexes – and gives insights into what function they play About this event There are endless examples of exercises to ‘remedy’ so called ‘retained’ primitive reflexes. But, are these reflexes really just movement based? How can certain muscle movements cause fear to recede, […]

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Rhythm and oscillation in osteopathy – neurodevelopment and infant feeding

Caroline Stone D.O.(Hons), MSc(Ost), MEd, MClinEd hosts this event: What are biological oscillations, what are central pattern generators? How do they relate to infant feeding and suck swallow breathe? What do fluid vibrations, osseous perception and vestibular function all have in common – they all impact on autonomic tone. How do the primitive reflexes and […]

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Neurodevelopment Short Course

This is an overview course, from a neurodevelopmental, neurophysiological, neuroceptive and somatoemotional perspective.  It goes through various primitive reflexes in the content of child development, not just for motor and movement development, but emotional, language and affective development, from babies through to children.  This course also though, gives an overview / introduction to arousal, autonomic […]

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Full Paeds CPD Series

THE FULL NEW AND REVISED PAEDIATRICS SERIES – INCLUDING MUSCULOSKELETAL AND SYSTEMIC / VISCERAL AND DEVELOPMENTAL ISSUES FROM INFANTS TO ADOLESENTS   This is a series of 15 lecture modules plus many other resources and videos,  offering over 30 hours of evidence based clinical relevant education and osteopathic concepts, including practice guidance and technique commentaries. […]

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Breastfeeding short course – overview for mum and baby

This is a 2 part lecture on a wide variety of considerations for osteopaths and similar healthcare professionals looking for insights into the hands on care of mums and baby with feeding difficulties.  This covers frequently occurring issues for mother-infant dyads, and looks at anatomy, stress, impact of birth strain, and other factors.  Looks at […]

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