WOMEN'S HEALTH including mother and baby, and pelvic health short courses

Journeying with women

This is a fabulous, extensive CPD series, with many hours of lectures and resources.  It is part of the various ‘CPD’ components of the cnmo.co.uk qualification in osteopathy and women’s health.    There are several courses into the topic of ‘women’s health’ you can take with Osteobitesize, and this one, Journeying, is designed to go through from […]

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Introduction to internal techniques

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS FOR HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. Introduction to internal techniques per rectum and per vagina – examination talk-throughs plus other guidance on risk management and consenting – online course – 3-5hours of lecture webinar plus resources.  

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Obstetrics and Post Partum

This is a great course that covers osteopathic approaches and concepts for helping pregnant women on their journey, and through the peri-and post-partum periods. It includes breastfeeding and bonding dynamics, and has a huge focus throughout on materno-foetal interaction and the implications this has for optimal foetal positioning, maternal pain and posture, infant behaviors and […]

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Mother and Baby Full Course

This new course combines the ever popular paediatrics series with the obstetrics and post partum course.  Its not quite 2 whole separate courses put together, but it contains all the obs and post partum, and around half of the paeds series. Accordingly the price is adjusted reflects the extensive content but still cheaper than buying […]

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