The current available lecture series available to register for are below:

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Programmes run from January to July each year. 7pm-9pm UK time. (You can purchase and watch as a recording if you can’t make it live).

Wednesday evenings – series: neurodevelopment, neurodiversity, primitive reflexes, autonomic, interoceptive and brain-gut, heart-mind integration (12 sessions)

Alt Wednesday evenings – series – complex and chronic pelvic pain, urogenital and abdomino-pelvic integration, 10 SESSIONS.

Tuesday evenings – series: infant feeding, stomatognathic function, tongue tie, swallow, unsettledness and colic issues (10 sessions)

Alt Tuesdays: series: Breathing, stress, interoception and autonomic and vagal integration, and issues for chronic illness and recovery (10 sessions)


The links to other programmes are coming shortly.



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