Neurodevelopment Short Course


This is an overview course, from a neurodevelopmental, neurophysiological, neuroceptive and somatoemotional perspective.  It goes through various primitive reflexes in the content of child development, not just for motor and movement development, but emotional, language and affective development, from babies through to children.  This course also though, gives an overview / introduction to arousal, autonomic tone, sensory motor integration, reflexes and their place, and testing and rehabilitation overview.  The content is derived from two specialised modules in the full paediatrics course.  This is a really good grounding for clinical practice from an osteopathic perspective.

Please note, the full Neurodevelopment, Primitive Reflexes and Neurodiversity Course, which is also available, expands on this content hugely, and gives much more guidance in terms of practice evidence and research in support of an osteopathic and manual therapy role in this field of care.

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