Rhythm and oscillation in osteopathy – neurodevelopment and infant feeding – RECORDING OF PREVIOUS LIVE WEBINAR


Caroline Stone D.O.(Hons), MSc(Ost), MEd, MClinEd hosts this event:

What are biological oscillations, what are central pattern generators? How do they relate to infant feeding and suck swallow breathe? What do fluid vibrations, osseous perception and vestibular function all have in common – they all impact on autonomic tone. How do the primitive reflexes and neurodevelopmental considerations integrate with this? How can osteopathic interaction help integrate these dynamics – how can we engage with tissues and neural networks? Come and explore with me a few concepts and ideas that might inform your practice with the mother – infant dyad and help support infant feeding and the suck-swallow-breathe dynamic.

Explore with me this fascinating topic – something that is inspired by the Life Sucks! Breastfeeding and Infant Support and Osteopathy CPD series – available on osteobitesize.com

This is a recording of a previously live webinar event.

Approx one hour talk.

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