Caroline Stone D.O.(Hons), MSc (Ost), MEd, MClinEd

Caroline has been exploring osteopathic practice, in the traditions of Still and Littlejohn for over 40 years.  She is passionate about resisting the dumbing down and reframing of osteopathy as a generic manual medicine, defined by a reductionist evidence paradigm. 
Caroline is highly experienced in visceral manipulation, ‘visceral osteopathy’ meaning osteopathy in support of illness, health, systemic visceral conditions, osteopathic medicine and care of mother and baby, and across the lifespan.
She is very interested in exploring how osteopathy might help people manage pains and problems associated with multiple traumas, complex pain, myofascial components of abdomino-pelvic and thoracic dysfunction, pathologies, pain and some post operative adhesion symptoms.  Osteopathy treats the person, and not the pathology, and as such Caroline’s courses do not claim to ‘treat’ x, y or z disorders, nor does their content make a claim for clinic efficacy.  Caroline’s courses are designed to inform health care practitioners, and to support their learning and practice. 
Caroline runs courses and lectures in the UK and abroad, speaks at numerous international conferences, publishes books and articles and has a strong interest in research, evidence based practice and developing the profession.  She has been involved in osteopathic regulation in various countries, held Principal, Vice Principal and Head of Clinic positions in various osteopathic institutions in UK and has qualifications in education, medical assessment and elearning.  She is an experienced expert witness, and regularly leads various projects in osteopathic practice, competence and credentialing.
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