LIFE SUCKS! An updated and extended breastfeeding, lactation and mother-infant support and osteopathy course

What is suck, swallow, breathe, what is the anatomy of suck, what are the neurodevelopmental dynamics of reflexes and neural connections relating to the regulation of effective suck, swallow, breathe. What is latch, how does nipple pain arise, what is the relevant cranial anatomy and laryngeal / pharyngeal dynamics to be aware of, what about tongue tie! What about mum, what about interoception, bonding, hormones, milk supply, infant dynamics and more? What can osteopaths do, what is the evidence, what is the professional role and how does it fit into healthcare? All these questions and more are considered in this extensive course with many hours of lectures, plus research articles, other videos, practice guidance and considerations of the evidence base and outcome measures. A fulsome guide to establish your appreciation of all things breastfeeding - as without this, LIFE SUCKS! What the videio for free CPD abnd an understanding of what is covered in the course. In contrast to the extensive mother and baby courswe, which covers many aspects of opbstetricvs, post partum recovery and mnany other paeds aspects other than breastfgeeding,a crosos the first year of life......this exclusive course is oriented to the topic of mother and infant dyad and breast and infant feeding. It won't turn you into a lactation consultant (not quite!) but it is extremely in-depth and will cover far more than a general paediatric post graduate programme and will substantially enrich your journey into this field of care.